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Speedy Cart

The Norton Clipper SPEEDY CART is designed to work with the most popular high-speed saws, making easy work of any concrete, asphalt, or curb cutting job. Featuring precise depth adjustment, effortless rolling wheels, and ergonomic controls, makes this product a must-have accessory for high-speed saw cutting. Norton Clipper SPEEDY CART is built to last, with a durable and long lasting steel frame. Its user-friendly design and ease of operation, makes the SPEEDY CART the smoothest floor cutting accessory on the market today.


  • Compact design allowing easy storage when not in use
  • Rapid mounting and dismounting of the cut-off saw
  • Designed for optimal comfort while cutting
  • Easy to manoeuvre and ergonomic
  • Multipurpose and flexible, it can be used with several brands and machine models (*with optional cart adapters)