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Core drillingCDR253310468578

CDR 253 is an aluminium drill stand combining rigidity, precision and ease of use. It has an accurate and smooth drilling guide of four high performance nylon rolls. Its guiding wheels are easily accessible for wear compensation adjustment.


  • Aluminium column.
  • Roll-guided carriage.
  • Transport wheels.
  • 4 points level adjustment.
  • Multi-purpose drive-lever.
  • Standard motor mounting fixture.
  • Transport handle.
  • Pre-mounted rig.


  • Robust, reliable and light weight.
  • High accurary drill guiding, low maintenance.
  • For easy transportation.
  • Quicker and faster installation.
  • Can be used for levelling and locking screws.
  • Fits to most drilling motors on the market.
  • Easy and ergonomic handling.
  • 2 different reports/ratio for an easy work.
  • Use it directly out of the box.