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Grinding machinesCG 40070184632733
CG 400

The 400mm single disc grinder, powered by a 400V supply, offers superior performance while remaining easily transportable and adept at accessing tight spaces. With its adjustable head and the tool cart equipped with guided wheels on both sides, the CG 400 can quickly transition into an efficient edge grinder. This versatility establishes it as the go-to grinder for professional floor preparation.

Features And Benefits

  • Easy handle adjustment / foldable.
  • Selection of the working rotation direction (clock / counterclockwise).
  • Working hours counter.
  • Swinging or fixed head (soft or aggressive grinding).
  • Edge grinding left & right.
  • Deadman’s handle.
  • Detachable head from frame.
  • Easy vacuum connection.
  • Quick fasten tool system with magnet holders.