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Grinding machinesCG CLEAN 43070184632740

The CG CLEAN 430 is a versatile single-brush unit, perfect for tasks like dewaxing, shining, and micro-sanding, while also being gentle enough for delicate surfaces like carpets and rugs. Its head seamlessly adapts to both even and uneven floors. Thanks to the roto-orbital mechanism, the machine offers both stability and easy maneuverability. Additionally, the quick-detach feature of the head, combined with dual handles, ensures easy transportation without compromising on durability and sturdiness.

Features And Benefits

  • Nonwoven pad holder.
  • Orbital system.
  • Deadman's handle.
  • Non-marking and liftable wheels.
  • Brush: 1 x 430.
  • Cleaning brush.
  • Easy handle adjustment.
  • Manual water release.
  • Quick release system and handles for easy transportation.
  • Nw pad holder: 1 x 420.