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CV 170

The CV 170 is a compact and vertical vacuum cleaner, HEPA certified, with manual filter cleaning PULSE system using pressure differential ensuring good suction performance with the best possible filtration. The motor in the lower rear part allows a compact, stable and highly maneuverable vacuum. The continuous bag collection system (“longo pack”) avoids contamination in the working environment, helping you to maintain a clean working area with minimal hassle.

Features And Benefits

  • Manual cleaning.
  • Four wheels with two directionable.
  • Grip handle.
  • One by-pass motor.
  • Secondary filter: HEPA D.O.P.
  • Longopac.
  • “Longo pack” continuous bag collection system.
  • Anti collision trolley.
  • Including: Hose 38 X 5000mm : With adapter : Wand and brush
  • Primary filter: hepa + ptfe filter media.
  • 1 By pass motor.