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CV 340

The CV 340 is a sturdy, compact and powerful machine. Guaranteed reliability with two by-pass motors, a self-cleaning design and consistent suction when you need it most. This advanced machine also features a multi-filtering system (HEPA AND PTFE), a 2,2kW power outlet, stainless steel casing and a 20L quick release tank, making it an essential vacuum that you can be confident in.

Features And Benefits

  • Two by-pass motor with automatic filter cleaning.
  • Two HEPA + PTFE filters in series.
  • Four wheels with two directionable.
  • Anti collision trolley.
  • and brush
  • Stainless steel.
  • Power outlet 2.4kw.
  • Pedal quick release 20l tank mounted on four wheels for easy transportation.
  • Grip handle.
  • Including: Hose 38 x 5000mm : With adapter : Wand
  • 2 By-pass motors.