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Handheld cut-off sawsCP51470184647562

Norton Clipper handheld cut-off saws provide raw power for smooth fast cutting and guarantee everyday reliability.


  • User-friendly
  • Electronic carburator allows an easy 3-step engine start. No more choke or half-throttle set-up.
  • Easy stopping: just press the red button!
  • 5-spring anti-vibration system.
  • Back-end handle and enhanced weight balance.


  • Long life and low maintenance
  • Easy semi-automatic belt tensioning.
  • Multi-Stage Air Filter with pulsating air streams. Fitted with external rocker wheel to prevent filters from clogging.
  • Magnesium blade guard for extra safety and lighter weight.
  • Nikasil-coated cylinder & heavy duty starter rope for longer life.
  • V-belt for driving cutting blade.
  • Tank caps with over-tightenting protection.