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Masonry sawsCM351 UNO70184630312
Inventors of the first masonry saw 80 years ago, Norton Clipper today offers a full range of machines with blade diameters of 350mm up to 1000mm. The CM351 is a light-weight masonry saw with extra-wide conveyor cart and 45° tilting head for precise bevel cutting.


  • Adjustable depth stop on tilting head
  • Extra large 600x600mm conveyor cart with antislipping rubber surface and tilted wheels
  • Removable robust plastic water tray


  • Allows 45° bevel cut, with embedded slot in the conveyor cart
  • Step cutting and full-depth cutting are possible in both 90° and 45° head position
  • Improved cart stability. Wide materials are more stable and are easier to cut.
  • Easier cleaning and handling