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Masonry sawsCM42 30-1-230V UK70184647989
CM42 30-1-230V UK
The Clipper CM42 is a lightweight and portable masonry saw. Wider and longer than most equivalent machines on the market, its characteristics enable the cut of a 60x60cm slab in 2 halves of 30cm. Stronger frame, new folding feet system, improved conveyor cart bring key benefits to the user.


  • Wide conveyor cart, long reinforced frame
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Folding legs with repositionnable tightening handle & transport wheels
  • Wide conveyor cart with tilted wheels, anti-pivoting and locking system
  • High accuracy cutting guide with per-degree angular setting


  • Can cut a 60x60cm slab in two 30cm halves.
  • Better comfort during use
  • Easy transportation and storage
  • Better stability and durability
  • Quick, precise and easy cut without additional accessory