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Tile sawsTR 232 L70184601103
TR 232 L

For professional contractors or home improvement projects, we have the right tile saw for you. NORTON CLIPPER offers you a complete range of professional Electric Tile Saws, Diamond Blades and Thin Wheels developed in close cooperation with distributors and tiling specialists. Compact and easy to transport, CLIPPER TR232L is a powerful tile saw, that offers smooth guiding of the cutting head and accurate cuts.


  • Heavy duty guiding rail
  • Tilting head
  • Built-in side extension
  • Foldable handles, legs and transport wheels
  • Cutting guide with angular setting
  • Easy removal of the cutting table
  • Rubber coated table + clamps


  • Smooth cutting head movements, easy maintenance
  • Perfect for mitre cut from 0° to 45°
  • Allows the cut of large/wide materials
  • Easy transportation and space saving
  • Precise angle cuts
  • Easy clean up of the water tray
  • Perfectly straight cut even on the longest tiles