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Grinding machinesCG MULTI 43070184632739

The CG MULTI 430 stands out as the most adaptable machine in the lineup. Beyond grinding and polishing, it’s suitable for floor preparation, cleaning, and even wood sanding due to its specialized and standard-included tool holders. Its wheels can either elevate or touch the floor based on the specific task. This unique versatility, unmatched in the market, makes it perfect for rental needs.

Features And Benefits

  • Nonwoven pad holder.
  • Orbital system.
  • Deadman's handle.
  • Non-marking and liftable wheels.
  • Brush: 1 x 430.
  • Cleaning brush.
  • Easy handle adjustment.
  • Manual water release.
  • Quick release system and handles for easy transportation.
  • Nw pad holder: 1 x 420