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Slurry MachinesCSL50170184608428

The Norton Clipper CSL 501 SLURRY MACHINE provides a compact solution for the treatment of used water. Its robust structure and efficient process can be operated with as little as 230 V while providing significant output of 500L/h. The Norton Clipper SLURRY MACHINE is the ideal solution to treat your work site waste.


  • Processes 500l/h thanks to high performing air compressor, hydraulic pump and filters.
  • Includes 3 containers for dirty water, treated water and compressed slurry, ensuring a cleaner and efficient process for the user.
  • Integrated air compressor ensures the machine is an ideal portable solution for slurry processing.
  • Adjustable grip and star wheel for easy transport on the job site.
  • Compact dimensions ensures the machine is easily transported around workplace and stored safely. Also allows machine filtration system to be used horizontally and stored in vertical position.